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Reclaiming Scrap Wood - Finding a fun new way to re-purpose the scraps!

As you all know, Bluegrass Bowls is all about Reclaiming Nature's Beauty and re-purposing wood from trees so that the trees can continue to live on after they've been cut down. I take this mission quite seriously and am always looking for ways to think outside the box (reclaiming even the smallest bits!). It is with great pleasure that I get to share my latest work and announce my new Steampunk Inspired Jewelry collection! My new Steampunk collection features scraps of all different woods (Walnut, Osage Orange, Mimosa, Tulip Poplar, etc) mixed with bits of metal cogs or fun charms and Swarovski crystals. I've really had a blast designing these unique mixed media pieces and hope you all will like them too! I'll be updating my site with more fun designs over the coming weeks, feel free to drop on by frequently to check them out in the shop!

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