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It's a launch!

Hello everyone! I'm excited to announce the release of my new website It's a culmination of my 15 year journey into wood turning. Preserving these beautiful trees is my life's work and is a full time passion.

When I see a freshly cut tree or hear the sound of a chainsaw, it's very hard to pass up the opportunity to re-purpose such beautiful wood . Wood turning to me is such a blessing. It's such a satisfying feeling when I' m able to reclaim trees that would otherwise be discarded, left to rot, or burned up. I'm looking forward to sharing all my life's work with you all and hope that you will find unique pieces to outfit your home, work or special occasions.

On the site I will feature handmade pieces from my local area, utilizing gorgeous old growth wood. I will also periodically feature local events or wood turning tips and tricks in my blog space (feel free to send me thoughts on what you'd like the hear more about!) as well as events where you can stop by and say hello in person (if you choose). Lastly, this site will feature all my latest and new rustic items for purchase.

Thank you for stopping by and happy shopping!.

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