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Product Care

 We recommend you take a few steps in order to maintain upkeep and keep your handmade food safe bowls ready for the next family meal.

Here are 3 tips and precautions to take:

DO NOT put your bowl in the dishwasher or microwave.  Instead,  always hand wash your bowl. Only needed after each use if the food used  leaves a sauce, juice, or oil inside your bowl. Otherwise, wipe out the inside of the  bowl with a clean cloth, and oil again    

  1. Scrub your bowl with a mild soap, and warm water.

  2. Wipe off moisture from entire bowl with a kitchen towel, and allow to air dry. Once the bowl is dry to the touch, apply food-grade butcher block (mineral)  oil to the entire bowl, inside and out. Let the bowl sit for 10-15 minutes then apply another coat. Repeat this process one more time or until the bowl will no longer absorb any more oil. Wipe away the excess with a soft cloth, buffing in a circular motion to give the bowl a shiny finish. Repeat as needed (at least 1x per month or daily if used frequently). Oil more in the winter months due to your homes HVAC system heat. It makes the wood drier out faster, so you should oil more frequently.

WARNING: Never use anything other than heat treated food safe oils on your bowl unless it is only being used for decoration. 

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